Monday, May 21, 2007

We <3 PayPal

After months of battling South African economic restrictions on allowing those store managers to conveniently accept their own payments, enabling our Aussie and Kiwi managers to do the same has been breath of fresh air!

I am a store manager in Australia or New Zealand. What must I do to accept my own payments?
Login to your manager panel and fill in your PayPal address. Yes, that's it! We've done all the programming and integration for you.

But... but... I don't have a PayPal account?!
No worries, mate! Just create your PayPal account first.

What are PayPal's card processing fees?
This depends on where you are and which type of account you have, but expect cheaper than the 5.5% advertised when you signed up for your store! See PayPal's own breakdown of fees for Australia or New Zealand.

Should I upgrade to a PayPal Premium Account?
Yes, because though PayPal-to-PayPal transactions are free to accept with Personal accounts, credit card payments are substantially more expensive. Premium accounts have a far better pricing model for accepting credit card payments. See the difference between Personal and Premium accounts for Australia or New Zealand.

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