Monday, May 21, 2007

Setcom Saves the Day

South African store managers, rejoice! Your most requested upgrade has just been introduced. You can now accept credit card payments directly from your own shoppers.

As a South African store manager, what do I need to do?
Create your Setcom account being sure to select Seller (Merchant Account). Next, login to your store's manager panel (, click "preferences" and fill in your Setcom Merchant Identifier. We've done all the grunt integration work for you.

Where can I find my Setcom Merchant Identifier?
Login to your Setcom account and look towards the lower-right of your main page (the one with currency balances).

What are Setcom's credit card processing fees?
At the time of writing the fees are published here on Setcom's web site.

I've heard bad things about Setcom...
It's true that Setcom has not yet achieved the user-friendliness and simplicity which other international payment processing services have, but they well and truly are the only option for South African store managers. We at Floogy are in touch with their developers and constantly advise them on smoothing out the kinks. Rest assured that we have not encountered any major issues with the service itself; those kinks are all related to usability and their interface.

What happened to MoneyBookers?
Floogy disabled integration with the MoneyBookers system upon being advised that their terms of services lump herbal products in the same category as pharmaceuticals, which they do not support. This well and truly leaves Setcom as the only viable alternative for South African store managers.

Is Floogy involved in my transactions any more?
Not at all. You are truly a Herbalife Independent Distributor when you accept payments directly from your shoppers and deliver products directly in return. The entire process has been greatly simplified with the roll-out of this upgrade.

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